Shahnawaz Farooqi is renowned Pakistani journalist, intellectual and commentator.


Shahnawaz Farooqui is a Pakistani philosopher and thinker who has taken the mission to redefine Pakistan on the glorious Islamic intellectual heritage, that most of the Pakistanis have forgotten.

Email:    contact@shahnawazfarooqi.com

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  1. adeel shoaib salafi says:

    Assalam u alaikum,

    i remember u since the aankh micholi days.

    aankh micholi magazine is one of the things of my life which i miss the most till today.

    recently i thought of searching aankh micholi and its writers on the internet, so i found u, then i read a few of ur columns in jisarat.

    though i have a fond of reading orya maqbool jaan and javed chohahdry but when i read ur columns in jisarat, i have decided to read all of them.

    before ur columns, i remembered u as a fiction writer of aankhmicholi.

    i gave up reading aankhmicholi in late 90s. and i consider it as biggest misfortune of my life that i could not save those rare gems of monthly issues of the digest.

    now i m in search of the previous issues of aankhmicholi. if u could help me out i would be grateful. this time i will scan them and share them with the friends all over the world who have care and respect for such things and miss them like i do.

    abt me;

    i live in karachi, and doing chartered accountancy. i started reading aankhmicholi in 1988, when i was 8 years old.


  2. Umair rehman says:

    A/a, sir
    I am from Indian occupied Kashmir I am regular reader of ur columns like in Moomin of Jamati-Islami and other news papers as well but i thought you are from kashmir.
    May Almighty Allah bless you.

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