Conspiracy Behind Attack on Malala Yousufzai

Conspiracy Behind Attack on Malala Yousufzai

By: Shahnawaz Farooqui

On 9th October, 15-year old Malala Yousufzai and her two friends were attacked in Swat valley. Then within few hours, this news became biggest news story of the world….
and it seemed as if this attack was not carried out on Malala, rather US president was attacked.

As the report of attack on Malala surfaced, the President Barrack Obama condemned the act… and said that America was ready for every possible help for the treatment of Malala… this reaction shows that the US president is so free that it is just round the corner to condemn the attack on three girls in Pakistan…

This is the same Obama who had categorically refused to say sorry at deaths of over two dozen Pakistani soldiers in US attack on our Salala chekpost… this is the same American president who did not feel a bit embarrassment in trampling the freedom and sovereignty of Pakistan by making efforts for the safe return of CIA agent Raymond Davis…What does it mean? Is wounded Malala more valuable than the lives of 25 Pakistani soldiers?… but…this is beginning of the show….

United Nation is an international organisation and it has several tasks to performs on daily basis… thousands of innocent people across the world become victim of criminal elements daily…. but the UN Secretary General, Ban ki moon, never took notice of those incidents…. even he doesn’t have time to take notice of serious issues like Palestine and Kashmir… however, as the attack is carried out on Malala, Ban ki moon, too, becomes active…..

He condemned the attack and said that he was inspired by the Malala’s so-called campaign for the rights of education, especially girls education… this statements indicates that he had been familiar with Malala for several years and had been observing with keen eye…. but why??….Was Malala doing such a struggle that has no match or example in history of hundreds of years…

The US Secretary of States, Hillary Clinton, has also decried the attack on Malala…and has termed it as awful…. Former US President George Bush’s wife Lara Bush became so stirred with the attack that she wrote a full length essay on the incident in the Washington Post, saying that Malala was not only a source of inspiration of her but for the entire world as well…

We think a person needs at least two to four years to get inspired by someone….. but, Lara Bush, as soon as she heard the news, got inspired…that’s amazing, Lara Bush can be asked that how much was she inspired by the deaths of thirty thousand Pakistanis in Unites State’s so-called war on terror after 9/11?….If she can write a column on wounded Malala, then she should have compiled an encyclopaedia on those thirty thousand Pakistanis….

Commenting on attack on Malala, Pakistani politician Imran Khan’s former wife Jamamia khan said that…. everyone must denounce cruel Taliban who attacked Malala.

A well-known US newspaper New York Times penned down a whole editorial in this regard…. and said that if Pakistan has a future, then malala is it’s symbol… even the US noted signer Madonna, too, has deep observation on Pakistan that as soon as Malala was attacked, she got to know about it…. she was at a concert that time… she got a Malala tattoo and dedicated a song to her struggle… thank God Malala is alive!!… though, over thirty thousand Pakistani people have died in the US war but, regrettably, none qualified for Madonna’s concerns… that she could dedicate her song to them… this whole progression shows that whatever happened…. was as per planning of the CIA and Black Water….

In Pakistan, a leader like Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was hanged… General Zia ul Haq died in a plane crash… noted leader Benazir Bhutto was killed in broad daylight… even Pakistan disintegrated in 1971…. But, US and the whole Europe was never seen worrying for Pakistan or any Pakistani….

The attack on Malala has shaken military and the civil leadership…. army chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani was so moved with the grief over injuries of Malala that he himself visited the hospital to inquire her health… and inspect the matters of treatment….

Thousand of Pakistanis and dozens of innocent children and women have been martyred in drone attacks…. but, not to talk of Kayani’s visit to their homes…. he even never bothered to write a single condolence letter to the heirs of those martyrs…..

Moreover, in a great hurry, he even forgot that two other girl students were also injured besides Malala… this proves that CIA, Black Water and ISI are on the same page about this issue.

Following the Malala attack, Prime Minister Raja Parvez Ashraf and his fragile government sprang into the scenario all of sudden…

Parvez Ashraf along with the army of politicians visited Malala to inquire her health and said…this Pakistan is Malala’s Pakistan… the question arises here is that those who failed to make this country, the Pakistan of Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal or even that of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, how can they say that this is Malala’s Pakistan?

Before issuing these remarks, Parvez Ashraf should tell the nation that why he left millions of people helpless who lost their homes in two-year consecutive floods…??? Why didn’t he make this Pakistan, a Pakistan of those innocent people? Why dint he make it a Pakistan of those twenty five thousand civilians and five thousand soldiers died in US war? Why didn’t he even register the deaths of thousands of Pakistanis killed in drone attacks??

MQM chief Altaf Hussain, too, jumped into the arena… He notified the ulema that they should condemn the attackers of malala….. Otherwise, MQM would expose them… he asked people not to offer prayers behind those imams who don’t condemn the attack…

It is pertinent to mention here that all this says the man who himself is answerable for the killings of two thousand people in Karachi.

Malala was attacked on October 9, and Interior Minister Rahman Malik said on October 12 that Taliban in North Waziristan are so notorious that they don’t deserve dialogues… and October 13th, this report surfaced that final decision of a military operation in north Waziristan had been taken in a two-day conference of formation commandos….. if we see, in this context, then there is truth in Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Amir Syed Munawar Hassan’s statement… that a video appeared before Swat operation showing unknown Taliban flogging a girl…. later on, the video was proved fake…. but, Pakistani military and civil leadership on the basis of this video, successfully created a situation against Taliban….

Exactly the same situation emerges today… Pakistani military and civil leadership is bent upon launching operation in South Waziristan on the behest of US… for this purpose, the US and its local allies have made innocent Malala their shield.

It is said that Malala was the symbol of girls’ education in the country, but dozens of ulems, intellectuals, and journalists can be namedropped who had dedicated their lives for the promotion of education in the country, but they were killed by unknown assailants, and their deaths did not even create a headline in newspapers… but, Malala has pervaded international media…. Does this difference compel the conscious minds to think something?

Pakistani leaders are saying that Taliban are against girls’ education…. but the whole world knows that it has been sixty five years since the independence of Pakistan, but despite this… 70% of Pakistani people, a majority of women, are still illiterate… are the Taliban responsible for that? Today 70% Pakistani population lives below the poverty line… are the Taliban responsible for it?…. Today, after 65 years, more than 70% people do not have access to clean drinking water…. 70% of the people don’t have a single doctor within reach for treatment…. Does this credit also goes to Taliban? Pakistani generals, surrender to India and US…and conquer their own country….In spite of this, they devour 50% of national budget….Are the Taliban responsible for this?…..

On what pretext does Pakistan governing class proves the Taliban as the most dangerous and backward ones?

Some say that Taliban have claimed responsibility of attack on Malala…while the government claimed that the attackers have been captured…Actually, Taliban is an underworld organisation and no one knows about these organisations; who are their real spokespersons, or representatives.

Those world powers which can fabricate big war on the basis of falsehood, break and form countries… how can creating fake Taliban group be a difficult task for them?….. However, the Taliban whom the conscience of Muslim Ummah is well aware are those whose chief Mullah Umar forged peace during the worst civil war in Afghanistan. Who restored the dignity of human life… who set best example of simplicity and contentment. Our conscience knows those Taliban who candidly refused to get frightened by the only super power of the time, the US, after September 11. Who defeated the US, NATO forces and their allies…..

Moreover, the US, who termed Taliban wild brutes, was seen begging the Taliban for negotiations when the first of the Islamic world and world’s seventh atomic power Pakistani leadership handed over the Pakistan to the US on a single call… There can be defects in the school of thought of Taliban, but to criticise them needs a high moral and international level, which Pakistani rulers and media lack….

The grief of Malala and her friends is valid…. they deserve utmost sympathies…. but, the Supreme Court in its verdict on 12th October, said that there are undeniable proofs of the involvement of agencies in Balochistand… and that over three hundred Malalas have been missing in Balochistan for several months…..when will Pakistani newspapers and television channels wake up and raise voice in their grief?… as far as the European media is concerned,…… it is their track record that in Bosnia Herzegovina, situated in centre of the Europe, Serb wild beasts, during three-and-a-half year period, rapped thousands of Malalals… and killed many of them….but American and European media did not report the atrocities mated out those malalas…

During 25 years in Kashmir, more than five thousand young and old Malalas fell prey to Indian forces’ lust….. but, not a single Malala could grab the spotlight in Western media…..

Few years back, Israeli troops sprayed with bullets the bodies of over two hundred children on their way to schools, but none of them could become Malala…. (The End)

اس مضمون کو سوشل میڈیا پر دوسروں تک پہنچائیں